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Axaio announces the availibitity of the MadeToTag update version 1.9.086

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axaio software, developer of automation solutions for PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for the publishing and printing markets, announces the availablity of the MadeToTag update version 1.9.086. There are two new features and different bug fixes and enhancements included in the new version. Furthermore, users can now benefit from a new and comprehensive MadeToTag online documentation.

axaio MadeToTag is an Adobe InDesign plugin for preparing and exporting InDesign files as tagged, accessible PDF/UA documents. MadeToTag increases the productivity of creating accessible PDFs with intuitive control functions and provides a consistently good overview while working. Time-consuming problems in the PDF export function of InDesign are reliably solved in the background without any user intervention. PDFs generated with MadeToTag are based on the PDF/UA standard, which contains all important criteria for accessible PDFs.

axaio has extended the Table feature in MadeToTag. The new version supports 'Layout Tables' in step six of MadeToTag. From now on, you can define a table as a layout table only, to avoid that it will be tagged wrongly as a real data table. Layout tables are sometimes used by designers for design purposes only. MadeToTag makes sure that the layout table will be tagged correctly, i.e. not as data table in the PDF structure, so that PDF/UA compatibility is guaranteed.


If you read a text that contains foot notes, it can be hard to find the corresponding foot note at the end of the text – especially if you use a big zoom factor. MadeToTag v.1.9.086 simplifies that task by linking the foot note reference with the foot note and vice versa. If you click on the linked foot note reference in the text, MadeToTag will automatically go to the corresponding foot note in the footer and back to the right position in the text. Without longsome searching, you can immediately read on in the text.

Additionally, there are some bug fixes and enhancements included in this new version that make MadeToTag even more stable and comfortable to use. In order to become familiar with MadeToTag as well as to have a quick and comfortable possibility to search for specific requirements or features in the product, we recently created an MadeToTag online documentation. Otherwise you can find the new documentation on our website in the support area or directly on the MadeToTag product page.

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