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swissQprint: 200 printers in Germany

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The 200th swissQprint large format printer in Germany has gone into operation. It expands Druckzentrum Regler's capacity for high-quality digital printing and the company intends to broaden its range of services.

An Impala flatbed printer is going operational. For Druckzentrum Regler, it is the second swissQprint UV printer in the machinery pool. For the Swiss manufacturer, it's the 200th installation in Germany. Yul Regler, the Druckzentrum's CEO, is delighted with this new addition, which he describes as a sure-fire success: "Our existing swissQprint printer has drawn in certain orders like a magnet, and we've now reached the limits of our capacity – even with multiple shifts." The Impala will first relieve the pressure, then Regler aims to expand its service offering in the high-quality digital printing segment. On the whole, and with a workforce of 85 employees, the company produces up to 30,000 square meters each month and processes 20 tonnes of PVC boards, among other materials.

"Thanks to swissQprint, we can fulfil orders that would be difficult or impossible with our other printers," Yul Regler comments. He singles out features such as simple handling, registration pins and the powerful vacuum. Precise registration allows accurate double-sided or multi-layer printing. Small panels or objects with any desired format can be reliably fixed and printed full bleed. Furthermore, the entire print bed is utilised. The swissQprint machine is also deployed for materials such as wood, for example on furniture fronts or table tops. Yul Regler shares his plans: "We intend to take printing on glass to new levels with swissQprint." The customers are interior decorators who offer individual fit-out features such as kitchen splashbacks.

swissQprint: 200 printers in Germany

DIY centres, discounters, manufacturers of beverage vending machines and other industrial enterprises make up most of the client base. The firm's products are supplied as far afield as Austria and Switzerland, installation included. The Druckzentrum has an extensive stock of machinery to cope with the soaring order volume: four Durst board and roll to roll printers, three HP Latex roll to roll printers and several smaller special-purpose printers in addition to the two swissQprint flatbed printers. It also has a screen printing department, a post-processing section with numerous cutting, laminating and coating machines, and a large finishing department.

Druckzentrum Regler is successfully beating off competition from foreign online providers who are dumping low-price products on the market. "We can draw on 35 years of experience and offer a holistic service," Yul Regler notes. "Our customers deserve optimum results, and that's exactly what we endeavour to achieve on every single order." In addition, the company is constantly developing new applications – often on an exclusive basis – that are impossible for low-budget providers.

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