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ASLAN and local distribution partner support large format arts project in Ulm, Germany

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The self-adhesive film WrapTheHouse DFP 45 is known as rugged, weather-resistant and residuefree removable film for short- and medium-term outdoor use. These characteristics made the digitally printable film the ideal solution for an artwork by artists Silvia Wienefoet and Ralph Walczyk at the fortress Wilhelmsburg in Ulm, Germany.

As part of the project Pop Up Space 2018 the artists laminated the lettering “This is mine all mine” onto the outer wall of the fortress Wilhelmsburg. By this, they ask in a provocative way to whom a public space, a national monument of culture and at least the fortress itself belongs to. And the answer is astonishing easy: it belongs to every single citizen of the city of Ulm. This is why the project Pop Up Space 2018 acts as a door opener to the fortress and currently is the setting forseveral art campaigns.

ASLAN and local distribution partner support large format arts project in Ulm, Germany

The artists Wienefoet and Walczyk are actively assisted by ASLAN’s local distribution partner Karl Gröner GmbH in Ulm. Its employees supervised during conception of the artwork, the company delivered the self-adhesive film and supported the technical staff of the executing sign maker during the process of applying.

There are obvious reasons why artists and retail partner decided for ASLAN’s self-adhesive film when developing the idea for this artwork: The glossy and digitally printable film ASLAN WrapTheHouse DFP 45 is perfectly suited for applications on facades and rough walls, even outdoors and without lamination. Easy to imagine that the walls of a 150 years old fortress are a challenging surface to apply a self-adhesive film on: they demand high quality products that stick flawlessly for the duration of the artwork but can be removed without leaving any residue at the end of November –the films of the family-owned business from Overath, Germany scored even in these respects. The result is an impressve eye-catcher for Wilhelmsburg fortress’ visitors as apparent in attached image. Further images are available on request.

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