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Cost-effective ink zone-related print sheet evaluation now also with SpectroDens

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The scanning function of the TECHKON SpectroDens Premium (New Generation) can evaluate print control strips in combination with the new version 4.1 of the software TECHKON ExPresso. SpectroDens is bundled with ExPresso. However, the software is also available individually for performance enhancement.

With this solution, TECHKON offers a cost-effective entry into the continuous scan measurement of complete print control strips; including a fast evaluation and calculation of recommended density value adjustments. The device is therefore universally suitable as a scan and handheld spectro-densitometer for all applications. TECHKON recommends the use of ExPresso for the sizes 52 to 74. For larger formats the devices TECHKON SpectroJet or SpectroDrive should be used.

Cost-effective ink zone-related print sheet evaluation now also with SpectroDens

SpectroDens supports all measurement conditions from M0 to M3 in Scan Mode, enabling better color control directly on the press as well as shorter set-up times and reduced paper and ink waste. Control strips with 8 to 200 fields (120 cm) are reliably scanned wihtin a measuring time from 3 to 10 seconds. During the scan, all characteristic values such as density, dot gain, CIE Lab and ΔE are detected and displayed.

When used with TECHKON ExPresso, almost all print control strips can be analyzed; a minimum field width of 6 mm is required. Contrast lines between the fields are no longer necessary. SpectroDens also supports a wide range of closed-loop and third-party quality control software with Scan Mode.

In September SpectroDens won the prestigious InterTech Award for Technical Excellence by Printing Industries of America for its versatility. TECHKON GmbH, located close to Frankfurt/Germany and subsidiaries in the USA and Japan, is an innovative manufacturer of color measuring devices and software solutions for quality control.

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