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Torraspapel extends the environmental Ccredentials of its paper products

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Transparent communication as well as reduction of the environmental impact of its activity are fundamental to the environmental policy of Torraspapel.  As proof of this, the company is making available to its customers a “Paper Profile” statement, which contains vital environmental information about its products: composition, key environmental parameters – emissions to air and water, solid waste landfill and consumption of purchased electricity –, environmental management and wood procurement. 

Torraspapel, along with Condat and Cartiere del Garda, all members of the Lecta Group, supports the Paper Profile initiative, which demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by supplying paper purchasers with relevant, uniform environmental information, enabling them to make more enlightened choices. Torraspapel’s entire range of coated and uncoated papers are available with a “Paper Profile” statement.

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