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Dalim software's dialogue receives Fogracert Softproofing System Certifications

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Dalim Software GmbH received the Fogra-certification of softproofing systems (FograCert Softproofing System) for its online approval platform DiALOGUE ES. The complete system composed of viewing booth, ambient lighting, monitor, measurement device, driving software (calibration and profiling) and softproof software is compliant to all the criteria (uniformity, target gradation, profile accuracy, gamut, gray balance, colorimetric accuracy, white point and comparison of softproof to reference print) for colour accurate display of the simulated printing condition FOGRA39.

"The Fogra certification of DiALOGUE ES emphasises the high standards of quality we set for our applications", said Christopher Graf, Chief Commercial Officer of Dalim Software GmbH. "Besides the incredible time savings that can be achieved with online approvals, the colour accurate display of print documents increases the confidence of all participants of the printing chain in communicating with our customers."

With its ES technology, Dalim Software delivers a streamlined customer-facing environment for online file delivery and approval. Sharing joint projects with all participants of the production workflow from creative to print production is made easy with an intuitive interface through any standard web browser. Given the necessary access rights, all required users are involved at the appropriate stages of the complete approval cycle, including review of all corrections and revisions. The process is fully automated, yet customizable for specific needs, by the ES core engine.

Applying Dalim Software's vast experience in pre-media automation, the foundation of the ES technology is built on the following cornerstones: a high performance prepress engine (optional Adobe® PDF Print Engine available); a color-certified remote softproofing component for high-resolution document viewing and annotation and a job-based project management tool for step-by-step tracking.

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