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The current drupa song is online

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Finally! The current drupa song is mixed and available online. One year before the start of drupa on 03 May 2012, and thus also coinciding with interpack and the Eurovision Song Contest Finals in Düsseldorf, this potential hit has been released. The three-minute song features a modern dance-floor sound and could easily become a real drupa anthem for the international community. It is difficult to stay seated, and singing along is no problem at all. “Get ready to succeed“!

The drupa song was not composed, written and produced by professional band, but rather by a Messe Düsseldorf staff member. Dirk Zeisler, who was a trainee with the drupa team during drupa 2008, now works as marketing consultant for the trade fairs hogatec, InterMopro/Cool/Meat. Nevertheless, he seems to have been infected by the drupa-bug. Together with his friend Robert Taubler and his guitar, he sat down and developed the lyrics and the melody in only a few hours. Then it took another few weeks until the song was arranged and produced. Finally, the finishing touches were added in an advertising agency, where photographic impressions to go along with the music were included.

Zeisler’s musical talent is no accident. For years, the 35-year-old has been singing with the band Planet Five in his spare time. The band covers rock and pop songs. And of course, some gigs are already planned for drupa 2012. The specific drupa tour dates will be published in a timely manner.

And now for the most important question: Where can you find the current drupa song? Online at www.drupa.com, of course. But you can also activate it with an augmented reality app and take it wherever you go. Use your smartphone (from iPhone 3GS iOS4 or Android 2.1 on) to download the free Junaio app from the app store, dial into the drupa channel, focus your camera on a drupa logo with the addition “AR” at a 20-cm distance, and away you go: “Get ready to succeed"!

By the way, the drupa song has a long-standing tradition. The first one came out in 1986, composed and sung by Dave Gibson. Ever since then, the song can be heard every morning upon trade fair opening in all exhibition halls. Another song rose to fame on occasion of the millennium drupa, sung by Lucy Wende, produced by Rolf Lammers and Mal Sondocks. In 2004, visitors and exhibitors were musically welcomed by Elke Diepenbeck (licensed by Stephen Großer), and in 2008, it was Ladag Medien.

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