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Dutch ICT specialists gearing up to expand into international printing and publishing industry

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Prindustry and YEMO, partners in highly advanced web-based production tools for the printing and publishing industry, will be at Drupa to offer their solutions to an international audience. “With the success of our software in the Netherlands, it is now time to expand into new markets”, say Ramon Van Wingerden (Prindustry) and Bert de Jonge (YEMO).

Prindustry and YEMO develop and implement web-based ICT-solutions that provide printers, sign makers, publishers and advertisers with a single, cohesive and streamlined production system. YEMO’s focus on publishers has already resulted in optimised advertising workflows at renowned Dutch publishers like De Telegraaf, Reed Business and BDU. At the same time, Prindustry successfully implemented Web2Print solutions for the printing industry at companies like Drukkerij De Groot, Drukwerkstunter and Bizzprint.

Ramon Van Wingerden says ‘Cloud’ has been key to the success: “We build Cloud-based applications and offer them as SaaS (Software as a Service) to our clients. That means that they do not have to invest in software or in any additional hardware - an Internet connection is all you need. In this way, we can continuously further develop and enhance our applications, enabling our clients to quickly adapt to any changes in their customers’ needs and demands.” Bert de Jonge adds: “Our applications for the Netherlands are ahead of international competition. We are now ready to take full advantage of that lead, and expand into new markets.”

In March, YEMO already opened offices in the United States and United Kingdom. And May will take Prindustry and YEMO to Düsseldorf, where Drupa will offer them the opportunity to expand further into Europe.

Prindustry and YEMO will be presenting components from their portfolio in several different languages: Printspace - the perfect solution for companies looking to move to Web2Print; it offers easy navigation and sales promotion tools, to help convert first time visitors to customers and retain them. Printspace reduces overhead and increases sales by providing a self-service environment that streamlines order processing, offering faster time to market and easy reordering.

Copyspace - provides editing in self-service portals to users like print buyers and advertisers. Online copy/text editing in InDesign templates and documents integrate with print production and advertising workflows. Copyspace also provides dynamic copy editing for journalists. Copyspace output can be PDF or IDML and can then be integrated into the editorial workflow. Templates using branded elements ensure brand identity is safe.

Adspace - provides interaction with advertising clients using an easy online portal, where ads can be booked, invoiced and collected into a single repository. There, they can be fixed, re-engineered, colour-managed, placed in a virtual template, soft proofed and even approved. It is a client management portal that is owned, branded and driven by the publisher to minimize back office costs and boost sales.

Already more than 40 companies in the Netherlands have successfully implemented solutions from Prindustry and YEMO. Expanding into international markets will provide scale, says Van Wingerden: “This will allow us to maintain product development at the highest level, and at the same time offer best-in-class products at very affordable prices.” De Jonge concludes: “We have been exploring international opportunities for the last two years. Now, the time is right, and Drupa is the perfect place to kick off our plans.”

Prindustry provides the printing industry with a broad range of Web2Print solutions. Next to the modules Printspace, Copyspace and Adspace, Prindustry also offers highly customised solutions to meet any specific needs and demands.YEMO was founded in 2004 with the goal of using innovative workflow software to streamline the way people in the media and print industry collaborate. The ultimate goal is that with the software of YEMO, people can work and communicate “anytime,” with “anyone” and “anywhere.” YEMO has been investing heavily in the latest web technology to develop standard products that match these objectives regarding location independent production. Since 2005, numerous customers across Europe, North America and Asia are teaming up thanks to our heavy-duty workflow software and solutions.

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