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AZON MATRIX UV offers the professional printing to bring out the best in your art!

  • Publicado el 14 de Julio de 2017

Azonprinter digital inkjet solutions take part in the contemporary modern art by supporting artists, photographers, designers and all other in their creative and inventive ideas with innovative technical knowledge and years of experience. Creative individuals already recognized the beneficial impact of digital printing industry on their artistic expression by using a combination of digital tools and traditional media for creating entirely digital works that effectively mimic their drawings, paintings etc.

One of numerous success stories between technological leader Azonprinter and art community is the latest collaboration with famous Croatian contemporary painter Boris Guina. A mixture of technological knowledge and artistic expression opened the doors for a new and creative way of contemplating art and technology. Boris Guina merges art with digital inkjet technology of Azonprinter Matrix platform for creating his latest art exhibition 'Reflexsion'.

Guina’s process of creating art with dotted, circular and irregular lines, scratching, spattering and shedding of a paint, punctuated shots with a brush which brings associative and symbolic spells whose tensions is built around the relationship between unpredictable free movement of distorted color and programmed structural pattern generates new visual components, which were re-sampled and re-contextualized into existing compositions. With 2880 dpi resolution Azon Matrix technology allowed Guina the replacement of the manual painting process for digital photographic image quality on versatile substrates and expanded possibilities for more personal and creative applications.

Successful Matrix robust bed, smart vacuum table, full-featured Azon RIP software and UV TurboJet ink technology ensure a perfect result on each and every print. Therefore Matrix UV allows artists to produce high-quality digital prints of exquisite artwork on paper and canvas, among other materials. UV TurboJet ink adds durability as well as providing an ultra-high gloss. The colors on the paper or canvas appear richer and brighter. Azonprinter takes interest and involvement in each project and offers expertise to help guide through the entire printing process.


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