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EMEA premiere of Mutoh wide format flatbed printer at FESPA 2018

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Mutoh Europe announced that at Fespa Berlin (May 15-18), it will present Mutoh’s first ever true wide format flatbed printer, called PerformanceJet 2508UF (PJ-2508UF). The PerformanceJet 2508UF is a true flatbed - 1250 mm x 2540 mm (4’ x 8’) - LED UV printer with moving gantry. The standard PJ-2508UF incorporates two powerful UV LED lamps and 4 variable drop greyscale heads mounted in a staggered setup allowing either 2x CMYK or CMYK + White & Varnish printing. The machine will also be field upgradable to 6 heads to combine speed and functionality.

The PJ-2508UF can deal with media thicknesses up to 100 mm (3.94”) and 50 kg/m², has a print bed sectioned in different vacuum zones and an air powered pin registration system to facilitate multi panel jobs and double-sided prints as well as a blowback feature for easy handling and positioning of heavy media. The PerformanceJet 2508UF is targeted at print providers looking for premium-margin jobs, high print quality, added value specialty prints, productivity and an attractive environmental footprint, for the production of directional signage, fine art prints, tradeshow graphics, POP prints, retail signage, packaging samples, etc.

“We are delighted to present the PJ-2508UF for the first time in the EMEA business area at Fespa”, says Kenji Yasuhara, Mutoh Europe’s Managing Director. “The PerformanceJet will be staged next to our new roll-to-roll UV LED ValueJet 1638UR printer model which will also be presented for the first time in Berlin next week. With the addition of these two new products, Mutoh will be able to offer a complete portfolio of UV LED printers ranging from desktop object flatbed printers to wide format hybrid, roll-to-roll and true flatbed solutions,” Yasuhara concludes.

EMEA premiere of Mutoh wide format flatbed printer at FESPA 2018

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