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drupacube 2012 Focusing on international print buyers and the communication sector

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Introducing the drupacube in 2008 the drupa fair launched a decisive change in perspectives that proved to be a trailblazer for the entire sector: Pure technology moves into the background in favour of applications. This very approach also was the central message of digi:media (www.digimedia.de) organised very successfully by Düsseldorf Fair for the first time in April this year.

Following Mr. Manuel Mataré, the director of digi:media and drupa,”this step from drupacube to digi:media represented a logical development of this very concept, because this triad which brought together content, technology and business both in the offer presented by the fair and in the range of offers for specialists was completely in line with the market requirements of the print and media sectors”.

But how can this concept which also embraces the digi:media philosophy be integrated into drupa? In the words of Mr. Mataré: “We bring about both a conceptual and a spatial dovetailing of drupacube and the drupa innovation park”. The drupa cube, which in 2008 was still positioned in the free area between fair halls 2 and 3 shall be relocated into fair hall 7A, directly contiguous with dip hall 7.0. This closeness of spatial location allows for a still closer combination of technology and content.

Added Mr. Mataré: “This spatial configuration also means that communicative interaction among visitors and exhibitors and between the exhibitors themselves may be launched much more effectively”. And the director continued: “This makes for implementation of digi:media’s basic concept also for the drupa fair – all target groups involved in their workflow should be brought together. Therefore it is only logical that the drupacube facility shall be presented by digi:media, first successfully presented by digi:media in April 2011”.

As in the 19 fair halls, the spotlight of drupacube is aimed at the printed product. But there is one major difference: Everything seen in hall 7 A refers to the use of printed products for communication, as empowered by marketing. This change in paradigms offers one unbeatable advantage. The respective heads of marketing, or publishing houses, manufacturing experts, contact persons and creative arts directors may pick up comprehensive information regarding print products on combined markets. This helps bring very heterogeneous target groups closer to drupa, that is, printed products.

The heterogeneity of the needs of this target group is matched by the variety of the drupacube offers. Conferences held every morning reflect the greatest possible difference in topics. Every day features a specific motto. Plans feature a ”Magazine Day” or a day of books as well as a “Dialogue Marketing Day”, a “Packaging Day” as well as a “Corporate Communication Day”. The programme of activities aimed at specific target groups shall be enhanced by the very latest topics, such as “Green Printing”, “Functional Printing”, and “Social Media”. In the evening, the drupacube site shall be used to host exhibitor parties.

Mr. Manuel Mataré stresses: “Our intention is to be with the people and the problems they face every day”. The appropriate associations and groups were involved to turn this into practice. The following have already announced that they will uphold their commitment: The Academy of the German Book Trade, the umbrella organisation of German Magazine Publishers (VDZ), the Forum Corporate Publishing (FCP), the German Dialogue Marketing Association (DDV), as well as the specialist organisation of media production experts (f:mp). To complement this range of activities, talks are in progress with numerous drupa exhibitors to bring about a good match of information of interest for the buyers of printed products with the offer presented in the drupacube facility. More information: www.drupacube.de

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