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Lamina and Baumer hhs expand partnership

  • Publicado el 05 de Marzo de 2019

Lamina System AB, a leading manufacturer of laminating and gluing machines based in Boras, near Göteborg/Sweden, and Baumer hhs GmbH, a leading international manufacturer of industrial glue application and quality assurance systems with headquarters in Krefeld/Germany, plan to expand their global collaboration. Their cooperation agreement makes Baumer hhs a preferred supplier of hot melt and cold glue application systems for Lamina’s FOLDER GLUER product line and its GLUELINE family of gluing and folding machines.

The compact FOLDER GLUER machines with operating speeds of up to 75 m/min are equipped with hot melt systems as standard, but Lamina will also fit them out with cold glue systems on special order. The GLUELINE machines, with production speeds of up to 1,000 sheets/h, are optionally available with hot melt, cold glue or both systems. Lamina customers have increasingly been requesting combined systems to strengthen the stability of glued joints in the production of displays and packaging. Lamina’s two product lines of automatic, non-stop machines process sheet sizes up to 2,000 x 1,600 mm, are of modular design and can be flexibly configured from a number of different options. Thanks to this range of options, these machines can meet the new and constantly changing demands of the market for sophisticated and complex packaging and POS displays.

Lamina and Baumer hhs expand partnership

“We have come to really value Baumer hhs as a supplier of premium glue application systems who is extremely flexible and reacts promptly to special customer requests. We get excellent support from Baumer hhs Scandinaviska and can now serve our market more flexibly than ever before,” says Lamina Managing Director Peter Hjalmarson, praising the close partnership with the global German manufacturer. “Baumer hhs’s extensive product portfolio is a one-stop shop offering all the current options required to implement even the most unusual hot melt or cold glue applications. Especially when it comes to point-of-sale displays, designers today are constantly devising new geometries and structures that our customers have to be able to render with our machines,” says Hjalmarson, underlining the importance of this aspect.

Equipment from Baumer hhs, such as the Xmelt hot melt units, is Industry 4.0-ready and therefore will be of increasing importance to Lamina. These products support Lamina’s efforts to implement Industry 4.0 solutions for customers and integrate Lamina machines within higher-level IT systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Against the backdrop of growing demands for zero-defect production in the packaging industry, Lamina will also be integrating quality assurance systems from Baumer hhs in its machines on customer request.

“We are very pleased that Lamina is increasingly relying on solutions from our company. Lamina has a highly interesting range of machines. Some of its customers impose very unique demands on our systems. Our goal is to get both Lamina and its customers excited about our systems and global services,” says Baumer hhs General Manager Percy Dengler of the partnership.

When it comes to new projects, Baumer hhs specialists now work directly with Lamina’s local sales agents and partners to develop the best solutions for customers, such as GK Trade in Lithuania. As a specialised agent, GK Trade sells new machines from Lamina and retrofits used ones all over the world with systems from Baumer hhs. In view of the good experience his company has had with this equipment, GK Trade General Manager Giedrius Kalciunas helped initiate the collaboration between Lamina and Baumer hhs.

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