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Finishfit Microbe Protect 2400: the varnish with antiviral active ingredient for the Fujifilm Jet Press

  • Publicado el 28 de Octubre de 2020

Fujifilm has successfully tested the Finishfit Microbe Protect 2400 dispersion var-nish for its digital inkjet press Jet Press. The new water-based gloss varnish fin-ishes print products and contains an additive that reduces bacteria and viruses with an exclusive nanosilver active ingredient complex. Intensive tests by Fujifilm on the Jet Press in the Advanced Print Technology Centre in Brussels showed that varnish with Finishfit Microbe Protect 2400 delivers impressive results on both fresh and a few days old digital print products.

Finishfit Microbe Protect 2400: the varnish with antiviral active ingredient for the Fujifilm Jet Press

The active ingredient complex in Epple's Finishfit Microbe Protect 2400 dispersion var-nish drastically reduces the risk of bacteria and viruses being transmitted via printed media, as it has been proven to reduce their number by up to 99.9%. This makes it ideal for use on printed products that "are passed from hand to hand", such as playing cards, menus, magazines or all types of packaging, including pharmaceutical packaging and various plastic foils.

Fujifilm has intensively tested the varnish on the digital press Jet Press with a wide range of print products. Helmut Fröhlich, Product Line Manager Coatings at Epple Druckfarben AG, accompanied the process: "As a leading company in inkjet printing, Fujifilm was a logical choice for testing Finishfit Microbe Protect 2400. The Vividia inks used on the Jet Press produce a smooth, neutral surface that is ideal for dispersion and UV-based var-nishes". Helmut Fröhlich sums up: "The varnish can be printed on numerous substrates and we are constantly testing it with other printing inks and processes.

Finishfit Microbe Protect 2400 contains elementary silver nanoparticles that are firmly anchored in the varnish film. These release positively charged silver ions that signifi-cantly reduce the number of bacteria and viruses on the surface. The effect is permanent and long-lasting, as the nanoparticles themselves are not released and cannot be rubbed off the dried varnish.

With Finishfit, Epple starts the new Microbe Protect series. The varnish is the result of one and a half years of development work with the renowned nano research company RAS AG from Regensburg and a state subsidy from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as part of the "Central Innovation Program for Medium-Sized Busi-nesses". Helmut Fröhlich is satisfied: "The printing industry is using its innovative strength in partnership to contain current and future pandemics. Finishfit Microbe Protect is an important first step in this process".

During the development phase, the acute significance of Microbe Protect 2400 - remem-ber the COVID 19 pandemic - was not yet foreseeable. Epple Druckfarben AG stands for unique perfection in every detail. Since 1870, Epple has em-bodied permanent further development and the highest of quality demands. As the leading pro-ducer of offset printing inks, Epple has demonstrated its power of innovation with early develop-ment of mineral oil-free eco-series and special types of ink for very long washing intervals in perfecting printing. This has also been demonstrated in the sector of inks for foodstuff packaging with the patented products BoFood® MU and BoFood® Organic. Both sustainability and flexibility in business are top priorities at the medium-sized, family-run company. Unlike practically any other company, Epple is in the position to provide tailor made solutions for the individual require-ments of their global customers.

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