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Ricoh and BIC Institute announce partnership to empower Print Service Providers to enhance their market position

  • Publicado el 31 de Marzo de 2022

Ricoh has partnered with Dutch international management consultancy BIC Institute to launch a new strategic and operational review service as part of Ricoh’s EDGE consultancy. It is focused on helping Print Service Providers (PSPs) position themselves in their markets for maximum success.

Ricoh and BIC Institute announce partnership to empower Print Service Providers to enhance their market position

It will also enable PSPs to achieve a greater understanding of their business, establish goals, and define a clear strategy. It helps them assess their: identity and positioning, strategy and policy making, sustainability Strategy, cultural change, leadership strategies, merger and acquisition processes, image enhancement.

A survey of the PSP’s clients, using BIC’s ID-Scan based on the Business Identity Canvas™, reviews their experience to see if it matches the operation’s aim. Then the PSP’s branding, the viability of the offering in matching client needs, and the ability to fulfil clients’ expectations are assessed.

The results are evaluated by BIC and a report is created to help the PSP identify its internal and external values, brand personality, and promise. The business’s goals and target audience as well as its clients’ buying motives and needs are all considered. Sustainability is a key focus, too. The ID-Scan identifies the UN Sustainable Development Goals that suit the organisation best.

Mark Hinder, Business Development Manager, Graphic Communications Group, Ricoh Europe, says: “This service helps PSPs understand who they are right now and how their clients perceive them. This clarity allows them to take their next steps confidently, particularly for forward thinking companies looking to continually evolve. They can consider the improvements they want to make, and strategies they want to adopt, with greater conviction. Knowing that they will be responding more accurately to client requirements makes the PSP’s journey to growth smoother. They can more easily define and communicate their goals, create opportunities, and accurately identify and demonstrate their success.”

Frank Cuijpers, BIC Institute founder, adds: “A print business, like any other type of business, needs a crystal clear understanding of what makes it special, so it can help its market also understand. With the BIC strategic and operational review service available through EDGE from Ricoh, they can use this insight to elevate their brand’s potential and create real competitive advantage.” The service is now available globally. For more information visit edge.ricoh-europe.com.

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