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Turn your vision of Print 4.0 into reality with Performance Analytics

  • Publicado el 20 de Mayo de 2022

Fundamental to Print 4.0 is the ability to collect, process, analyse and interpret large amounts of digital data – preferably in real time. Business intelligence (BI) is a fast and straightforward way for print companies to shine light into their data jungle.

Turn your vision of Print 4.0 into reality with Performance Analytics

The BI tool Performance Analytics allows even large and complex data sets to be transformed into informative reports and dashboards in a matter of seconds. This provides a way for users to unlock the full content value of their production data and establish agile, data-driven decision-making processes across the entire company.

The advance of Industry 4.0 technologies means that companies have more production data at their disposal than ever before. Analysis of this huge pool of information (big data) opens up a whole new range of opportunities for print companies to enhance production efficiency. The data collected each day – which can easily comprise 10,000 or more log files per machine – form the basis for flexible self-service analyses and help secure a decisive competitive advantage.

Such analyses indicate that so-called micro-stoppages – for example brief production interruptions due to paper travel issues – account for around half of all performance losses in production. With the corresponding consequences, because each issue needs to be rectified, devours resources and leads to non-productive activity.

Performance Analytics supports Koenig & Bauer users by facilitating comprehensive analyses of the machine and production data that were collected, followed up by clearly structured presentations of the results. Otherwise hidden patterns and information are revealed, preventive decisions can be taken, processes can be optimised, and products satisfy the specific needs of the customer even better.

Performance Analytics provides for instant visualisation of the collected data on production times, quantities, resources, etc. in clearly arranged, out-of-the-box dashboards. Extensive, interactive filter functions permit fast data analysis from different user perspectives as a basis for well-informed decision-making processes. The data are stored in the cloud and can be used jointly by all departments (cloud data sharing), allowing for significantly accelerated decision processes in print companies.

A few clicks is all it takes for print companies to gain valuable insights into where untapped potential can be found within the production process. Performance Analytics is able to identify and evaluate the causes of problems and the emergence of trends in print production in real time as the basis for fast and systematic process optimisation.

Alongside detailed status, trend and error analyses, continuous benchmarking permits performance comparisons between different machines, customer jobs and production consumables. It provides a way for the user’s own capabilities to be assessed immediately, shortcomings and their causes to be determined sooner, and competitiveness to be increased. With big data and Performance Analytics, Koenig & Bauer is helping its users advance digital transformation of the print industry and turn their vision of Print 4.0 into reality.

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