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Colour Management Symposium 2024

  • Publicado el 10 de Noviembre de 2023

In February 2024, it's that time again: the colour management community will meet in Munich to exchange experiences and update knowledge. For the 9th time, the symposium will take place in front of an international audience with a wide range of topics from customer expectations to colour & AI.

Colour Management Symposium 2024

On 21 and 22 February 2024, interested parties from all areas of colour management will come together to listen to the 21 lectures of the Colour Management Symposium (CMS2024). The speakers are practitioners and users only who present current topics and problems.

The programme is already partially in place and highlights the different quality aspects in colour workflows, HSI, contract proofing, and artificial intelligence to the various printing methods and application areas. Whether decorative or packaging printing, digital printing or multicolour - here, the participants can genuinely look beyond their horizons, and they will gain insights into the current world of colour management. "Through the great variety of inspiring and innovative topics and lectures and through bringing together scientists and users, synergies arise at the CMS as quickly and efficiently as hardly anywhere else. That‘s why the CMS creates a high added value (for me) every time and on many levels," says CMS2022 participant Desirée Tytko from direct services Gütersloh.

At present, ten speakers have already been engaged. They will discuss colour management in commercial, packaging, textile and décor. Benjamin Galle from All4Labels Erfurt Services will focus on process understanding for flexible packaging. Mike Strickler of MSP Graphic Services and Nick Del Verme of Advanced Digital Textiles look in more detail at the colour ecosystem in digital textile printing. Jens Deutschmann of Sachsen Fahnen will give tips on profiling in textile printing. In decorative printing, Beau Boutmans, Digital Application Engineer R&D at Unilin, explains how colour references for decorative surfaces can be reliable in digital and analogue printing. Michael Guggemos will discuss standards in flexo printing from Nägele Digital Repro. Thomas Hebes, responsible for process technology at Burda Druck, will also look at the importance of finishing. Uwe Hornung from Proctor & Gamble will report on brand owners' needs regarding colour expectations. Daniel Hobmeier from F&W Druck- und Mediencenter explains how process control, standard lighting and colour measurement go hand in hand.

At the first "Fogra Decoration Proofing Forum", participants will learn how sophisticated decorative surfaces can be captured, soft-proofed, and correctly printed. Royce Dodds will present the results from Dekor8 at the symposium, and can be viewed directly at the participating exhibitors. Interested companies can still take part in the forum.

Of particular importance at the CMS is always the opportunity to exchange ideas with known and new colleagues and to expand one's network. Tobias Fries from BHS Corrugated Maschinen- und Anlagenbau confirms how important this social exchange is. The CMS2022 participant explains: "Above all, the event was excellent for networking and meeting colleagues from the industry again. Not to forget the Bavarian evening with a closing at the bar".

During the breaks, participants can exchange information about the latest developments with the represented companies and make new contacts. The convivial evening will be sponsored 2024 by GMG Color and promises an exciting keynote speaker named Dr Hanno Hoffstadt. His topic: "Reflexions on emissions". Entertaining and insightful, he will provide a colour-scientific and practical understanding of fluorescence - i.e. colour management with substrates containing optical brighteners or fluorescent day-glo inks.

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