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D3 successfully introduces Micro Particle Jetting (MPJ™) Technology at Formnext 2023

  • Publicado el 27 de Noviembre de 2023

D3-AM GmbH, a subsidiary of the Durst Group, unveiled its innovative Micro Particle Jetting™ printing technology at Formnext 2023, demonstrating advancements in high-performance ceramics manufacturing. D3's LABII printing system allows direct printing of water-based, highly concentrated suspensions with almost any particle size and distribution. Post-sintering, complex and dense components are formed that are not currently producible using any existing method.

D3 successfully introduces Micro Particle Jetting (MPJ™) Technology at Formnext 2023

Stefan Waldner, Chief Product Officer of D3-AM GmbH: "Material Jetting, from a theoretical standpoint, represents the most promising technology in additive manufacturing as it enables the construction of objects drop by drop, voxel by voxel. By overcoming material compatibility restrictions, our MPJ-technology paves the way for the production of previously deemed impossible components."

Formnext witnessed substantial interest and engagement at D3's booth, leading to dynamic discussions and the initiation of multiple projects for e.g. the development of new materials, exploration of applications, sample creation, component inquiries, and specific machine inquiries. Thick-walled components and those made out of Sintered Silicon Carbide (SSiC) attracted significant attention, with experts praising D3‘s showcased gyroid structure as the "best component ever printed out of SSiC".

The success at Formnext 2023 underscores D3's commitment to advancing ceramics manufacturing, leveraging the Durst Group's expertise in digital printing and production technologies. Christoph Gamper, CEO and co-owner of Durst Group: "With our presence at Formnext with the D3 LABII system, we are starting a new chapter at Durst: Material Jetting. The tradeshow has clearly shown that we are onwards in the premier class of materials - ceramics - and we look forward to scaling the printing systems, processes, and materials to open up a world of possibilities."

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