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AN studio purchases Scodix Ultra 6000 SHD press for sustainability and quality benefits

  • Publicado el 29 de Noviembre de 2023

Scodix, the leading provider of digital print solutions for the graphic arts industry, is pleased to announce the sale of its Scodix Ultra 6000, powered by SHD Digital Enhancement Press to Polish printing house, AN Studio. This is the first installation of Scodix’s top range B1 press with Smart High Definition technology in the Polish market. With a wide range of product offerings from packaging to calendars and POS materials, the Scodix press will give AN Studio the flexibility to enhance its multitude of products with over 10 decoration effects. All are available from a single press, with embellishments alternating from flat foils to raised glossy embossed textures and 3D-holographic effects.

AN studio purchases Scodix Ultra 6000 SHD press for sustainability and quality benefits

Purchased from Scodix’ Polish distributor, Digiprint, the Scodix Ultra 6000, powered by SHD Digital Enhancement Press delivers quality through a breakthrough technology that creates high-definition clarity and delicate detailing for eye-catching results – perfect for the wide range of AN customers, from brands to print buyers.

AN Studio Owners Anna and Pawel Jesiołkiewicz attribute their decision to invest in Scodix technology to two reasons: its embellishment abilities and its unsurpassed environmental benefits: “We were drawn to Scodix because, as a company with an emphasis on sustainability, Scodix’ environmental credentials are second-to-none,” states Anna Jesiołkiewicz. “The digital technology eliminates the need for metal dies and harmful chemicals, delivering production benefits as well as reducing impact on the environment. Meanwhile, Scodix SHD technology delivers intricate designs, a must-have for the kind of applications our customers demand. We also love having the ability to combine different embellishments for really exceptional designs.”

Scodix SHD technology can be used for a multitude of purposes. Its embellishment capabilities can enhance high-quality packaging from carton production to corrugated cardboard boxes, on one or both sides. Scodix’ B1 format facilitates an all-in-one packaging solution; meaning excellent value for all size runs can be achieved through the Ultra 6000 press. The efficiency of Scodix embellishment ensures faster time-to-market, without extended production times.

“The Scodix digital enhancement press is already up and running, with a quick and seamless integration into our production processes from purchase to installation,” Pawel Jesiołkiewicz adds. “We needed a B1 format digital finishing machine and Scodix provided the most attractive option. We couldn’t be happier with the application quality we’re already seeing in production.”

With independently verified sustainability standards, Scodix helps customers to reduce waste, save energy and minimize their environmental impact.

A recent Lifecycle Assessment study reported that Scodix saves 80% on water and 85% on emissions and energy in the embellishment process in comparison to traditional hot-foil stamping. In addition, Scodix enhanced print is certified as recyclable, and brands and manufacturers using Scodix embellishment under the WMU SBS-E control protocol are able to use the FTC recycling symbol, as the substrate used is also certified as recyclable. Overall, by embellishing with Scodix, the process is seven times less harmful to the climate.

Mark Nixon, Scodix EVP Global Sales & Marketing, concludes, “This is another positive step forward for Scodix as AN Studio, a leading print provider in Poland, chose our embellishment solution of choice to meet the demands of the growing packaging market. The purchase echoes the sentiment that Scodix is fast becoming the provider of technology that differentiates companies like AN Studio from the competition.”

This Scodix Ultra 6000, powered by SHD is the fifth Scodix installation in Poland provided by Digiprint says Szymon Symonowicz – Digiprint Sales Director, commenting, “We see huge potential for more installation of Scodix digital embellishment solutions due to market requirements and dropping run lengths.”

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