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The Delta Group first official customer site for Agfa’s SpeedSet Orca single-pass inkjet press

  • Publicado el 25 de Marzo de 2024

After the successful public introduction of the SpeedSet Orca 1060 in December last year at Agfa’s Cambridge facility, the Delta Group is first to sign for the SpeedSet Orca and start production in the UK. The Delta Group was impressed with the speed and quality of the SpeedSet Orca single-pass inkjet press and sees it as an ideal complement to their current equipment. The fact that SpeedSet Orca is a water-based ink press that has sustainability in mind made the decision to go ahead even easier. The Delta group, one of the largest printing companies for retail, is a winner of multiple sustainability awards in the last years and has Net Zero in its sights.

The Delta Group first official customer site for Agfa’s SpeedSet Orca single-pass inkjet press

“We are excited that The Delta Group has decided to opt in as our first customer. The Delta Group will push and test the SpeedSet Orca to its maximum and will be enjoying high-quality output for their business every day”, says Vincent Wille, President Agfa Digital Printing & Chemicals. “We are very proud that companies like Delta see the huge benefit of using water-based inkjet technology whilst achieving the highest print quality.”

“We at Delta are excited to get our hands on the first SpeedSet Orca in the world in our plant. We will be pushing it to the limit and expect great things from the press”, says Martin Shipp, COO, The Delta Group. The SpeedSet Orca 1060 was developed for the folding carton market and is a real gamechanger. The single-pass inkjet press can print up to 11,000 B1 boards per hour offering amazing quality and a large color gamut with water-based inks. Due to the flexibility of inkjet printing the press can offer runs competitive to offset in mainstream printing volumes and provide full agility for a larger number of job changes. This allows companies to accept smaller jobs and deliver them faster than ever before. Delta is a leader in this type of client delivery and expectation.

“Working with Martin on this journey has been a fantastic experience and I am delighted we are partnering in the next exciting chapter of the SpeedSet Orca story”, says Matt Brooks, Head of Packaging, Agfa Digital Printing Solutions.

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