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OnPrintShop announces new upgrades for diverse print segments at drupa 2024

  • Publicado el 02 de Mayo de 2024

Team OnPrintShop is gearing up for its most spectacular showcase of web to print advancements with a brand-new version at drupa 2024 from May 28 to June 7, Düsseldorf, Germany. To get a smoother experience, attendees can even pre-book their visit for the live demo. Meet the team at Hall 7A/D21 to experience accelerated performance, better customer insight, process consistency, and enhanced web-to-print solutions security.

OnPrintShop announces new upgrades for diverse print segments at drupa 2024

OnPrintShop’s web to print software is bringing its revolutionary solution for B2B/B2C, print franchisees, trade printers, and other print segments, where the latest update of its advanced web-to-print solution will take center stage. This marks the third consecutive appearance at drupa 2024, underscoring OnPrintShop’s commitment to helping the print business scale, grow, and excel in the industry.

Having built for the new-age printers, attendees can expect an exclusive first look at the all-new OnPrintShop, featuring advanced features and enhanced security measures. From ultra-powerful features for B2B & B2C Web to Print storefront to improved large-format solutions, 300+ integration from top CRM, MIS, automation tools, etc, and modern templates for personalized print products – the new web-to-print solution empowers printers to accomplish more print jobs in less time.

With several senior solution architects and founding members of this dynamic team scheduled to attend the event, the custom web to print solution is opening a wider window for drupa 2024, Düsseldorf, Germany attendees to engage in insightful discussions. “Our team has been continuously working with global printers to upgrade and develop powerful features by precisely understanding their customers’ needs,” said Naresh Devra, VP of Product Development at OnPrintShop. “Printers require innovative digital technology and highly automated solutions to provide comprehensive customer service and succeed in the market. Thus, we are excited to unveil the latest advancements in web-to-print technology that will help print businesses achieve their desired outcomes.”

To improve the attendee experience, OnPrintShop will offer live demos of their web-to-print solutions in multiple languages. This ensures that visitors from diverse global regions can easily engage with the demonstrations, facilitating a more inclusive and immersive demo experience.

The new solution focuses on enhancing performance, driving conversions, and delivering unparalleled user experiences, promising to elevate printing businesses to new heights. OnPrintShop will showcase new upgrades at drupa 2024, including: Lightning-fast speed and impeccable performance, that ensures a seamless browsing experience to keeps online visitors engaged. New B2B web to print storefront features tailored to drive growth, including volume pricing, quick order lists, and personalized content strategies to maximize conversion rates.

Stunning 3D visualizations, adding a high-end aesthetic appeal to product presentations and capturing customers’ attention. Intelligent analytics and reporting tools for better visibility into operations, empowering informed decision-making and strategic planning. The software’s revamped designer studio enables users to create professional-grade designs that are readily equipped with intuitive tools and features. Booth visitors will discover robust marketing automation tools built to streamline marketing efforts and drive results, effortlessly converting more customers. Attendees can witness the intelligent workflow automation that goes beyond imagination, streamlining processes and enhancing productivity across the entire print operation.

Since 2007, OnPrintShop has focused on helping businesses launch tailored storefronts aligned to their business goals, grow in different segments, and scale with advanced print automation. From designing strategic action plans to expert guidance on execution and evolving solutions per the business’s changing needs, OnPrintShop has been a web2print and print automation provider for 2000+ businesses.

“At OnPrintShop, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of print technology,” said Naimish Patel, VP, of Sales at OnPrintShop. “Our latest web-to-print solution enables printers to achieve the highest level of efficiency with the power of end-to-end automation, helping them stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.”

Attendees are encouraged to pre-book their visit for a live demo of OnPrintShop at the drupa booth in hall 7A/D21 to experience the new platform’s unparalleled capabilities firsthand. From streamlined workflows to robust security measures, the latest version of OnPrintShop is poised to set new industry standards.

With over 15 years of expertise, OnPrintShop stands as a premier provider of web-to-print solutions, dedicated to revolutionizing print operations for businesses worldwide. The modern technology enhances user experiences, streamlines processes, and fosters revenue growth. OnPrintShop remains at the forefront of print technology advancement, supporting printers in navigating the dynamic shifts of their industry, ensuring their continued success.

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