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Screen Innovations debuts ST Moto

  • Publicado el 05 de Junio de 2024

Screen Innovations (SI), the AV industry's most innovative brand for projection screens, window coverings, outdoor shading, and screen solutions for commercial and residential markets, is pleased announce its new ST Moto, short throw motorized ALR projection screen that allows you to use an ultra-short throw UST projector and have the screen appear and disappear on command. The ST Moto’s design pushes projector screens to the limit of class and functionality.

Screen Innovations debuts ST Moto

The ST Moto offers up to 120’ in size diagonal, and up to 15” of black drop masking. With the customizable black drop option, tall or short ceilings are no longer a problem. The award-winning short throw ALR material presents a stunning image up to 8K resolution, rejects the ambient light of the room and provides a no-glare surface with contrast enhancement. The CNC tab tensions system mounting design ensures a flat and tight screen.

The ST Moto’s large screen size of up to 120” option is more than 140° of viewing angle, for complete coverage of any viewing environment. The screen is outstanding, with the use of a laser ultra-short throw projector that gives you the big screen experience and disappears when done. No other optic performs like SI’s short-throw ALR motorized screen.

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