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eProductivity Software Unveils Nubium, Revolutionary New Print MIS at drupa 2024

  • Publicado el 11 de Junio de 2024

eProductivity Software (ePS) announced the launch of its groundbreaking cloud-based print Management Information System (MIS), Nubium, at drupa 2024. The company is thrilled to announce a new product purpose-built for small to medium commercial printers.

eProductivity Software Unveils Nubium, Revolutionary New Print MIS at drupa 2024

Nubium’s architecture and intuitive tools are game changing, designed specifically for small and medium commercial printers who require an MIS with low maintenance and overhead. As a 100% cloud-native MIS, Nubium enables rapid startup and onboarding, allowing businesses to support a wide range of products and services almost immediately from the start. "We are excited about Nubium's potential to revolutionize print management," said Ryan Casey, CEO of Customizable.com. "Its powerful and extensible capabilities promise to significantly reduce operational challenges and enhance the user experience with its intuitive design."

Dan Vertachnik, CEO of Print ePS commented, “Nubium isn't just another cloud solution; it's a game changer specifically designed to cater to the often-overlooked needs of small and medium size commercial printers. In addition, Nubium completely revolutionizes the implementation process by eliminating traditional complexities. It is intuitively designed for rapid deployment and immediate value realization, setting a new standard in the industry.”

Nubium offers seamless integration with web-to-print eCommerce platforms such as MarketDirect StoreFront, enhancing the overall customer experience by streamlining online order processing and production workflows. The integration is a versatile and essential tool for commercial printers looking to optimize their entire business process from online orders to financial management.

Key Features and Benefits of Nubium: Advanced Estimating: Nubium includes sophisticated tools for precise and efficient quoting and automated machine and process selection. Inventory Management: Comprehensive management of raw materials and finished goods optimizes stock levels and reduces waste. Seamless Integration: Native integration with accounting tools like QuickBooks ensures streamlined financial operations. Rapid Deployment: Nubium’s cloud-native architecture facilitates quick deployment, enabling businesses to start creating estimates within the first hour of operation. Scalability: The cloud-based infrastructure scales with your business, ensuring you always have the right tools without significant upfront investment.

"Transitioning to Nubium has been seamless, demonstrating its superior adaptability to our digital printing needs," stated Andrew Tooke, General Manager of N2 Group. "The intuitive design has reduced training time, and the cloud-based infrastructure supports remote work effectively, which is crucial in today’s environment."

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