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Sungwon Adpia becomes first company in Asia to install Scodix Ultra 6000 Digital Enhancement Press

  • Publicado el 23 de Marzo de 2023

Scodix, the leading provider of digital embellishment solutions for the graphic arts industry, announces the first installation of the Scodix Ultra 6000 in Asia will be at Sungwon Adpia. Sungwon Adpia is one of the largest web-to-print businesses in South Korea, with multiple locations across Seoul. Established 18 years ago, the company produces a range of commercial print products including books, direct mail, marketing and promotional collateral, flyers, and catalogues. Short turnaround times, productivity and quality are key for Sungwon Apia to meet customer demand and with this in mind, Sungwon Adpia turned to Scodix to find the right solution.

Sungwon Adpia becomes first company in Asia to install Scodix Ultra 6000 Digital Enhancement Press

YounHee Lee, Deputy General Manager at Sungwon Adpia, comments: “The Scodix Ultra 6000 is perfect for our evolving needs as a business, our customers require a lot of versioning and consequently short runs. As one of largest printers in South Korea, the Scodix Ultra 6000 gives us that, and the high volume production capacity we need. This investment allows us to deliver whilst also allowing customers to produce creative, impactful designs that enhance the customer’s experience with their brand.”

Applications such as Scodix Foil™ and Scodix Sense™ allow Sungwon Adpia customers to elevate their designs without compromising on turnaround times thanks to the large B1 format of the Scodix Ultra 6000. The flexibility of the digital enhancement press is another key advantage to Sungwon Adpia; it’s ability to support both offset and digital production, and a range of ten embellishments on one platform, further aid productivity and the rationalising of workflows.

“We are delighted to see Sungwon Adpia become the first business in Asia to install our Scodix Ultra 6000,” says Slawomir Iwanowski, Scodix Global Channel Director, “South Korea tends to be a very price-sensitive market, so we’re pleased to see the market understands the economic benefits Scodix brings as well as the addition to productivity for turning around jobs.”

“Whilst the larger format and the automation benefits of the Ultra 6000 are usually a match for packaging applications, it also meets the large capacity requirements of Sungwon Adpia for its commercial online printing needs. We are excited to support them and their reputation for delivering outstanding value and next-day promise.”

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